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Home Maintenance Kit for X Series

Home Maintenance Kit for X Series

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John Deere Do-it-yourself annual mower maintenance made easy. All the exact parts you need to ensure your lawn tractor keeps running efficiently. Annual maintenance is highly recommended.

Kit includes:
  • AM107423 Oil Filter
  • AM117584 Fuel Filter
  • M152049 Air Element
  • M148207 Air Element Foam
  • M138938 Spark Plug (2)
  • TY2202910W30 Engine Oil Quart (2)
  • M117588 Fuel Line Clip (2)
  • M71234 Retainer Push (2)
  • Change Oil Sticker

Fits on

X400 Series
  • X485
X500 Series
  • X585
X700 Series
  • X720
  • X724
  • X728
  • X729
  • X730
  • X734
  • X738
  • X739